Mereba expresses newfound stillness through 'AZEB'

Mereba has spent her life constantly moving. She was born in Montgomery Alabama, was raised in Pennsylvania and spent her teenage and early adult years in North Carolina, Ethiopia, Pittsburgh and Atlanta. This created a sense of restlessness that would translate beautifully into her music. Her debut album, The Jungle is the Only Way Out, took her from being a small indie artist from the South to an international soul sensation that would travel the world performing. Until the coronavirus halted

Ghetts reinvents himself with ‘Conflict Of Interest’

As an artist with three studio albums, six mixtapes, and over a decade in the music industry; Ghetts is a pioneer in the United Kingdom’s grime and rap scene. That is undeniable. It seems hard to imagine that an artist with such an extensive sonic track record could still embrace the process of evolving. Conflict of Interest is Ghetts’ declaration of his continuous growth as an artist. The 16-track project is a chronological exploration of his life, his intimate relationships, and his career. It

Wheelchair basketball thrives amid lack of funds

The Covid-19 pandemic that wreaked havoc in every sphere of our lives, including sport, coincided with a challenging but promising period for Wheelchair Basketball South Africa (WBSA). The restrictions imposed by the government, as well as cash-strapped sponsors withdrawing support, hurt many athletes and sporting bodies. Despite these obstacles, WBSA was determined to host the National Women’s Wheelchair Basketball League (NWWBL). Their persistence paid off, with the fourth edition of the tour

Children of Zeus find the Balance

Travel Light was the soul-soothing breakout album for Manchester-based R&B/Rap group, Children of Zeus. It brilliantly captured the angst that many aspiring musicians have when trying to break into the music industry and overnight, they went from being local artists to an international touring act. That was until the pandemic put a stop to everything. And with the state of the world in disarray, bandmates Tyler Daley and Konny Konn turned to something that kept them sane; making music. The resul

How the WNBA ignited social activism in sports

The murder of George Floyd by a law enforcement official in the United States sparked a new era in the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement. It brought an unprecedented level of attention to race politics in the mainstream media. In sport, there was a collective effort from athletes in different codes who raised awareness about racial inequality. On the local front, Cricket South Africa was forced to tackle its history of division while World Cup-winning Springbok captain Siya Kolisi gave his acco

Basketball’s next frontier is Africa

The 18th of November was a life-changing night for basketball players looking to start their careers in the National Basketball Association (NBA). But it was particularly a historic night in the chronology of the sport in Africa. Nine players of Nigerian origin were picked – making it the highest number of African draftees in one night, more than double the previous record of four players selected in the 2016 draft. Isaac Okoro (5th overall by the Cleveland Cavaliers), Onyeka Okongwu (6th over

All the smoke and hot-rubber action from the inaugural Shay’ iMoto

The longstanding and popular motorsport was born in the townships of Soweto as a ritual to honour fallen gangsters during the Apartheid era and fast forward two decades later, spinning has transformed to become Africa’s biggest motorsport. The night started with 16 of South Africa’s most ferocious daredevils but only one emerged through the smoke victorious. Vernon Hendricks or 'Veejaro' as he is called, walked away with top honours after outdueling his Southside crew family member Kayla Olipha

Langa Mavuso’s debut album ‘LANGA’ is a treatise on heartbreak

It starts with a feeling. And that feeling becomes a lighthouse for creating music. Langa Mavuso’s debut album, LANGA, is his attempt to translate those feelings into words. The 12-track LP is a deep dive into his heartbreak – the avoidance of it, the losing of identity in it, and the reckoning with it. “I’ve gone through this journey of heartbreak, the mess in between and finally seeking to find resolution and peace. I went through every feeling and lived it truly and now I wanted to reflect it

Someone is FINALLY making swimming caps for Afro hair

Swimming classes were always a nightmare for me as a black girl. I would be consumed by dread whenever I saw it scheduled on the school timetable. And it’s not like I didn’t love swimming. But I hated the agony that came with carrying a burdensome schoolbag filled with a towel, costume and not one, but two swimming caps buried underneath my biology and mathematics textbooks. But that’s not where it ends. Taking off my uniform and putting on the apparel was another surgical procedure. I always s
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